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Consultant (m/f/d) Automotive Cyber Security

...with a consulting company of the extraordinary kind ...

  •  ...if employees work for a company for an exceptionally long time.
  •  ... if retired employees stay closely connected to their former employer and like to return there again and again for  projects.
  •  ...if retired employees often find their way back to their former employer.
  •  ...if employees obviously "can't get enough" of their work at this company


..then it is an employer with a very special culture, values and leadership.


Our client has been a successful partner of the automotive industry for several decades and is a pioneer in automotive electronics. The company has been working together with numerous clients for many years in a spirit of trust. Growth and internationalization have been pursued with foresight but a sense of balance and proportion. Even in difficult times, this corporate philosophy has proven itself and the company has been able to grow against the trend.


Given this background, the company is now looking for a further consultant for the subject area of cyber security.     
In this role  you will

  • work for our client at its customers' sites, mostly in Germany and Eastern Europe, occasionally in China or the USA, and will support the customer's employees in questions of cyber security
  • be a consultant, process developer, moderator, trainer or coach in some cases
  • always have a " thinking outside the box " of your core topic and understand and consider the requirements of the Automotive SPICE process improvement model and also have an understanding of Functional Safety.
  • If required, you conduct training at the company's location (near Stuttgart) or virtually.

Maybe you are a young professional and have gained two or three years of initial work experience in the automotive industry after completing a degree in electronics development - or maybe you are an experienced consultant and are looking for an opportunity to make another change?

In any case, you have project experience in the automotive industry and practical experience with Automotive Cybersecurity and are following the development of the new ISO/SAE 21434 (or related) as a process-oriented standard intensively.
You speak English and German fluently or on a practice-proven level.


 We are looking for a candidate for our client who appreciates having a lot of freedom and flexibility. You enjoy working with colleagues in a team, but also get along well with acting as a "lone wolf" at clients' premises during certain phases.  
Do you feel attracted to this position? Then simply contact us and we will find out whether the content, perspectives, culture and colleagues are a "perfect match" for you and your expectations.

Sigrid Assmus
siascon Personalberatung
Hermannstr. 5
70178 Stuttgart
Phone: +49  711/72 69 295





siascon Personalberatung
Hermannstraße 5
70178 Stuttgart


Tel.    +49 711 72 69 295
Fax    +49 711 72 69 301


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